Professional things

Across a career spanning over a decade, I’ve worked with enterprises such as Apple, AIA, Compass, NBC, Volkswagen, and many others. My multidisciplinary expertise has granted me fluency across mediums, but good storytelling is what underpins them all; weaving compelling narratives is what I do best.

Currently based in Philadelphia, PA and available for full-time and freelance opportunities. Let’s collaborate!

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Personal things

A Maryland native, I was raised on a combined dose of puritan values from my mother, immigrant discipline from my father, and a straightedge punk ethos from my brother.

Somehow, that fusion led me to art school, a career in design, and a perpetual series of existential crises. These days, I’m a born-again atheist, fully vegan, and happily zero-proof.

Outside of work, I read too many books, snuggle up with my furry friend Flaco, and compose music and scores for films that don’t exist.

Let’s talk

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What is Sombra anyway?
In Spanish, sombra means shadow. It’s a nod to my Latino roots and an homage to my fascination with the macabre and darker side of things (such as black metal, horror, and the occult). Mostly, it’s a concise meditation on how the best design often sits in the shadows of existence and leads from the periphery.

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