Financial inclusion for all.

Accion is a micro-finance nonprofit that provides monetary solutions and impact investments for low-income individuals and their growing businesses around the world. I led the art direction and design for the site.

art direction
visual design

Accion sought to appeal to a wider audience with an updated web presence that would provide clarity on their mission and values, generate awareness towards their positive global impacts, and push their brand forward visually with a kinetic and contemporary energy.
As a vast organization with numerous departments and content blocks, the site needed to be intuitive, simple, and easily editable. To achieve this, the site was built on a flexible, component-based infrastructure, enabling both staff and users to have a seamless experience across the site.
With their existing aesthetic style as a foundation, my team and I focused on bolstering their visual language into a system defined by vibrant color, bold and legible typography, and a fusion of naturally lit and filtered photography.
created at isl
Client: accion
art director & lead designer: caresse giles
project manager: caresse giles
creative director: fernando castro
ux lead: paul best
visual designer: dan rader
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