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Compass is a technology-focused real estate brokerage dedicated to helping everyone find their place in the world. I led the creation of visual identities, marketing materials, and systems for their Realtors in the DC Metro region and beyond.

art direction
logo design
digital design
print design

Crafted in accordance to the Compass brand guidelines, all identities are created in black and white and strike a consistent balance between simplicity, geometry, legibility, and abstraction.

Each identity is tailored for its respective agent. Whether a monogram, wordmark, or illustrative logomark, they are all imbued with the agent’s unique personality and tone of voice.
Spanning across both print and digital applications, marketing collateral ranges from traditional materials such as brochures, mailers, and postcards, to more contemporary outputs such as social assets, animations, and custom email template designs.
In late 2018, I spearheaded a revised branding process for Realtors in the DC region, incorporating a rigorous questionnaire, keyword association exercise, and strategic plan that enables Realtors to examine how they market themselves from a more holistic and meaningful perspective. 
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