Not for sheep.

ContraryCon is an annual conference at ISL focused on unconventional topics and methods within design, development, and the arts. During its second year, I designed and illustrated the event programs.

print design

Inspired by zine aesthetics and printed on a Risograph, the event programs utilize a gritty and imperfect visual style to convey the event’s eponymously contrarian attitude. 
A small cut was made at the center of the unfolded program, allowing one side to reveal the event information, while the reverse side unveiled a collaged poster comprised of absurd or unconventional illustrations based on flash tattoos.
Created at ISL
Client: isl
creative director: mike o’brien
program designer & illustrator: james edward bonilla
additional illustrations: paul dunbar
printer: ammiel mendoza
photographer: bryn dunbar
© Sombra 2020