Hey there.

I’m James Edward Bonilla, a multidisciplinary designer and art director who operates where intuition and reason mingle.

From brand identities to illustrations, I create honest and visually enriching solutions that benefit others.

Volkswagen  |  illustration
compass  |  branding & identity
biobio  |  branding & identity
meaningful gigs  |  branding & identity
ex nihilo  |  visual essay
The Exercises  |  illustration
Washington Leadership Academy  |  branding & identity
&pizza  |  packaging & illustration
bitcoin regret club  |  branding & identity
ackmule  |  branding & identity
luden’s  |  art direction & photography
contrarycon  |  layout & illustration

photo by bryn dunbar

Some important things.

I studied at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, where I received my BFA in Graphic Design. I’m currently a designer at Compass.

In my spare time, I write and compose music, research existentialism, and craft stories without endings.
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