Back to basics.

Kairos is a product incubator focused on improving the lives of others through the creation of products and companies in the healthcare, housing, food, and other human-centric industries. I led the concept and visual design for their new website.

visual design

Kairos views their platform as a movement to incite long overdue change and action for those in need. The visual style of the site reflects this through an amalgamation of revolutionary visual motifs — a fusion of clean and expressive typography, swaths of spray paint texture, distressed photographs, and a bold color palette. Combined, they display a sense of personality and restraint operating as one singular voice towards the problems they seek to fight against.
The layout is clean and concise, with an emphasis on clarity and seamless navigation through easily accessible links and striking call-to-actions.
Photography is light and moody, conveying a genuine yet visually consistent portrayal of the brands Kairos operates, and the people they serve.
A series of pull quotes related to the Kairos vision can be cycled through in the footer, with users prompted to share them and spread awareness to the fledgling enterprise as they continue to gain traction and growth in their sectors.
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created with alright studio
Client: kairos
creative directors: garrett derossett & Spencer joynt
Lead designer: james edward bonilla
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