Chew on this.

A cough drop that tastes like candy demands a social feed that’s confident, fun, and a little weird. This was the motivation behind the content I styled, shot, and edited for Luden’s social media channels.

art direction
still photography
photo editing

Viewing their online presence as an opportunity to garner interest from a younger audience, these peculiar compositions dove into a vibrant and surreal world enhanced by Luden’s rejuvenating effects.
Keen shadows and bright color hues were employed to create an enhanced realm of content. All compositions utilized practical effects, with only minor adjustments made in post-production.

Created at ISL
Client: prestige brands, inc. / luden’s
art directors: james edward Bonilla & maggie gaudaen
project manager: molly harden
content strategist: kim stockley
copywriter: ryan kim
photographers & stylists: james edward bonilla & rebecca zisser
production assistant: haeun ro
models: james edward bonilla, bryn dunbar, & christina jones
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