Crafting fulfillment.

Meaningful Gigs is a technologically-powered creative service that connects designers, developers, and other industry experts with clients who seek to produce work with value. I developed their branding and visual identity.

art direction
logo design

An abstract monogram of sorts, the visual identity utilizes geometric shapes to establish a narrative of pieces forming the whole. Through the union of these forms, a composition is created, epitomizing the nature of Meaningful Gigs’ holistic focus.
The color palette and forms of the identity spread across applications fluidly, containing a sense of play and energy. Utilizing a series of mostly primary or neutral hues, they craft an aesthetic informed by Modernism but shaping it further through a contemporary interplay of dynamism and ambiguous intrigue.
Each component of the visual identity can flex and fit amongst one another seamlessly, whether through abstract representations of service offerings, numerals, or patterns. This cohesive visual system is a direct allusion to the sense of unity and collaboration that emerges from the dynamics that occur between Meaningful Gigs, their roster of freelancers, and the clients. Despite the myriad of shape styles, colors, and arrangements, each component plays a pivotal role to the process and flourish harmoniously when fused together.
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