Hittin’ the road.

The Kills are a music duo who specialize in a fusion of lo-fi garage rock and soulful blues. I designed and screenprinted a run of 100 posters for their show at the Terminal 5 venue in New York City.

art direction

With their dynamic album Ash & Ice released just a few months prior, the posters drew inspiration from the record’s lyrical themes of heartbreak and romance. In the artwork, two figures drive off into the desert, leaving a trail of dust on their past as they embark towards new beginnings ahead.
Hand-drawn illustrations and custom brush script typography were used to emulate the gritty tone the band has become known for. These were contrasted with shimmering gold metallic ink, providing a faint glimmer of elegance while subtly referencing the new musical territory the band was exploring. 

Originally a limited edition of 100, only 15 remain now. The 2-color posters utilize a shimmering metallic gold ink, and were screenprinted on matte black paper from French Paper Co.
Client: the kills
poster designer & illustrator: james edward bonilla
screenprinting & design assistance: spencer joynt
Photographer: bryn dunbar
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