That feeling of fun.

As part of the social agency of record for Volkswagen, these bite-size videos were created in 2017 for a summer campaign on their social media platforms. I led and executed the art direction and production design for these videos.

art direction
production design

Seeking to emphasize the latest — at the time — 2018 Golf and the core brand sentiment of being “fun to drive in”, the directive behind these videos centered on exploring different scenarios where the numerous Golf variants participated in lighthearted and playful summer activities.
The videos were executed as 3–5 second looping GIFs, in order to be absorbed quickly and memorably by followers across social media. 
We shot across various locations in the DMV area — where Volkswagen of America’s headquarters are based — covering rural to urban landscapes, and employing a wide range of cinematic techniques to create drama and intrigue. The narrative my team and I established was that these videos would loosely chart the weekend journey of people driving from the city and into nature, experiencing the various benefits the different Golf models had to offer in distinct environments.
The campaign was widely successful across all the brand’s social media platforms — especially Instagram — and generated consistent engagement and reactions throughout the summer of its release.
Created at ISL
Client: volkswagen of america, inc.
creative director: nasreen qureshi
art director & production designer: james edward bonilla
senior producer: lauren travis everett

project manager: stephanie pola
director of photography & editor: nick kinni
account director: mike giangreco
first assistant camera: vinh le
colorist: taylre jones, grade
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