A durable voice of reason.

Warehouse Industries is a multifaceted real estate and investment consultancy based out of Ohio. I led the concept and creation of their branding and visual identity.

art direction
logo design

Driven by values such as integrity, discipline, and pragmatism, Warehouse Industries sought to create a brand that was set apart from the old-fashioned aesthetics of their competitors. A stark visual style was established, utilizing sharp angles and nods to both industry and real estate in subtle ways through both its logomark, color, and typography. 
The typography in particular was drawn from the industrial signage commonly found throughout the Ohio and Midwestern landscapes, an homage to the grit and straightforward attitude embedded in the brand’s approach — but imbued with a contemporary nuance.
Stationery and collateral maintain the rich, spartan aesthetic, yet augment it with character through warm color hues. 
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Client: warehouse industries
project manager: arista ware ii
art director & brand designer: james edward bonilla
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